Hi there!

My name is Soham Amatya and I’m from Kathmandu, Nepal.

I’m a writer, a blogger and an internet marketer hustling out of the internet for quite a while now.Sohammac1

So what makes me do what I do? – Nothing else but the feeling.

I’m not a great writer. I’ve faced countless rejections. Magazines, newspapers, companies, content farms – give me one name I haven’t been frustrated with.

But, I believe in my heart. And, I also believe that it somehow already knows what I truly want to become. Now, it’s all about having the courage to follow what it says. Everything else is just secondary.

So, I try to do things that make me ‘me’ and I also make sure that I do things that I truly believe I should do. Because life’s too short to waste time and energy living someone else’s dream, right?

Here’s my little story:

It all started in November 2013 when I got my first full-time job as a content writer at one of the multi-national IT companies in Kathmandu. Things were going pretty okay until I met this amazing SEO guy Ashish Rai in 2014. He got me hooked up with an American internet marketer who was in search of a freelance writer. Quite surprisingly, this internet marketer was exactly of my age. And what’s more shocking was that such a 20-year-old guy could make $400-$500 a day from SEO and stuff – just from home (mind you he makes much more than that today.) Well, I had nothing to do with any of that though.

I was beyond happy making a few hundred dollars a month just working a few hours a day when I started out. (Trust me, not everyone gets to earn in Dollars in Nepal). I still had my full-time job back then. But you know what? I was loving this part-time work more than anything – regardless of the pay. (click here in case you’re wondering how I cashed out all those online dollars to my bank account here in Nepal).

So this continued for a couple of months. And as it happened, things turned out to get more awesome every next day. My client was so happy with the work that I started making more money – all from home – more than I had ever made. I started getting a lot of gigs, as a result, the workload grew massive. I couldn’t just do everything on my own. But at the same time, I couldn’t let all that easy money go away. That’s when I started offering jobs to my friends, cousins, juniors and even seniors at times.

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Everything was going fine until the grounds started shaking real bad. Nepal got hit by a devastating earthquake of 7.9 Richter scale, followed by hundreds and hundreds of aftershocks. Luckily, I survived. But still, I couldn’t manage time for my gigs. I messed it all up. I had my studies, office, and family ahead of me. I did no freelancing work for months. Until one day, I quit my day job at the office and started working on my own.

I’ve laid my hands on so many things on the internet today. Besides this blog, I run niche blogs and commercial websites. And, I also co-own a tech startup with a friend of mine. Oh yeah, we make developers build websites on WordPress. I do a little bit of that too – but I don’t want to get technical.

Looking back at everything I’ve been through, today I really feel I’m fortunate enough to have quite a few decent paying clients to work for on a regular basis. I have a pool of amazing writers too. Want to write for me? Shoot me an email ASAP.

I don’t know if it was a stroke of luck or otherwise, I’ve somehow managed to get a good line with freelancing. This website is sort of like a pay-back to the profession that helped me pay my bills doing something I really love.

Let’s see the bigger picture.

Let’s work more freely.

Let’s be happier.

You know you want to.

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