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10 Reasons Why Writing for Nepalese Companies and Clients Sucks!

There are times when you feel like nothing good is happening.

You’re given an unrealistic deadline to meet. You’re not getting paid on time. And you’re getting bitched at for no reason.

No matter how hard you try, it simply doesn’t get you inspired. You don’t even feel like writing anymore.

That’s happened to me several times.

And to be honest, I still sometimes get that sorta feeling.

If you haven’t had this feeling, you will eventually.

But just because you feel like nothing good is happening doesn’t make it so.

I presume you’re a Nepali. If you’re not, you can still read ahead and try making sense out of it.

So! I’ve been writing for my clients (Nepalese and foreigners) for quite some time now.

It’s been absolutely great doing what I do.

But it’s real funny at the same time when things happen just the way I don’t want them to.

I don’t claim I’m an expert in this, but as of what I’ve experienced with my clients and colleagues – this shit really drives me up the wall.  

I know writers will get me.

Let me cut to the chase: Nepalese companies/clients suck AF. Here are 10 reasons why.


1. They think only white people can write good


I don’t really know why they have this thing for white people – like seriously! And by white I mean ‘white.’ It doesn’t matter if you’re from the US, Australia, the UK, Canada, or where the hell ever. If you’re not white – you’re not getting the respect man! Bloody racists.  


2. They’re so freaking confused in themselves


Forget about what they’re making you write – they don’t even know what they’re doing. What’s more, they have zero idea about their customers. So who’s supposed to know the customers? Of course the content writers. Who else? My ass!


3. They think they’re the editors


They’re grammarians. They’re the editors. Duhhh! Soo sorry I almost forgot, they’re the boss – they can be whatever the hell they want. Tell you what! Anyone can be an editor in Nepal. All you have to have is money – a hell lot of it. Everything else doesn’t really matter!


4. They’re never satisfied


There are two types of clients in this world – one who is okay with whatever you do and one who is an unsatisfying nut. The problem is with the latter one. You’ll be asked to change “airplane” to “Aeroplane” one day and “Aeroplane” to “airplane” the next. Are you kidding me dude? God help these creatures.


5. They’re definitely not giving you all the credit


So you write good huh! Chances are you’re never getting all the credit from your boss. They’re super greedy! I’m not talking money here. If it’s great, it’s because of them and their idea – not because you wrote it. Yeah you’re right, you’re screwed now. So go get a life! 


6. They’re so good at pointing out errors even if there isn’t one


Error. You think it’s bad? Hell no! It’s what keeps their businesses running. Just point out a fault in your writer and you’re a hero in everyone’s eyes – incredible deal, isn’t it? If it wasn’t for those petty errors, they wouldn’t be as great as they are – in their mere eyes. So what are you waiting for? Want to be a big boss? Try finding faults in what is perfect already. Simple as that.


7. They think they know everything


They think they know everything – how I wish they were right. They’re not. Not only are these so called ‘know-it-all’ guys super annoying, but way insecure about themselves. If only they knew how to pretend it right. But good lord, they suck even more at it. 


8. They have no idea about niche writing


If I hire you as my content writer –  you have to be freakin’ able to write whatever the F*@k I want. Take up with this idea and I’m sure you’ll never fail in your business. Who cares about niche? What the hell is niche anyway? Get a writer, have him/her write for you. Why waste money on many when one works absolutely fine?


9. They just have money. Some clients don’t even have that


They have all the budget in the world to build a website. But not even a penny to pay the writers. Building a brand new website? Don’t worry, content will just come handy with it. If that’s what you think, go to hell man! There was this freaking rich NRN guy from the UK. He owned a travel business (guess he still does). No idea where he got all his money from, but all I can say now is being rich doesn’t guarantee brains. Plus, not only are these overly rich people disrespectful to writers but way too stupid for themselves. Seriously, we don’t need people like you. So keep your money to yourself. 


10. They don’t have ears


If you’ve not yet met a pig headed person who’s equally dumb AF, you’ve no idea about the Nepali market. It’s not every day you get to see these retards, but I’m sure you will if you happen to write for them someday. They think they’re going to change the world with their stupid little company on their own without listening to people. Oh c’mon! Be realistic. 


P.S. My fellow writers!

Just because I ranted, doesn’t make it untrue. And I mean it.

However, one should never lose hope. There are good apples in the basket too.

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