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5 Reasons Why You Should Stop Writing for Content Farms TODAY!

Let me guess – you’re spending too much time writing for shitty job-bidding sites like Fiverr, UpworkFreelancer and all that.

And ‘WTF’ – you might be thinking right now because those job factories were the only ones you knew you could write for.

Maybe you’re just happy with your little world, but just think how futile it was spending all your time to create a profile, bid, and cope with the clients who paid nothing else but peanuts.

Don’t you feel it sucked?

I mean, you’re a good writer – and you know it very well.

But at the end of the day, it’s all the pay that matters.

And seems like high-paying freelance writing clients exist in a totally different world.

Yup, that’s right – a different world.

Why would someone with tons of money come to a content farm (a broker’s place) to get a few words written?

Don’t you get it? – It’s we who need to knock on their doors.

If you’re a newbie freelance writer truly looking to make maximum profits working a few hours from home, that probably sounds exciting but ridiculous at the same time.

Harsh but true.

Brace yourself now – here are 5 reasons why content farms are definitely NOT for you.


1 | The Pay Sucks

The fact of the matter is – they need you, you don’t need them. But guess what? It’s the other way around.

They’re not hiring you for your talent – they’re hiring you because you’re cheap.

Now I know a lot of you naysayers are still going to stick to the same shit no matter how low the pay is. But, c’mon! Just because writing is your passion doesn’t mean you’re working for peanuts.

You could literally make more money doing anything else on the internet than feeding those brokers.

I see it everywhere – thousands of writers working their ass off to get that one gig in the farms.

The problem is – given that you somehow got the job, the pay would still be rock-bottom low. Trust me – I would know.

I’m sorry but I would never suggest that you make do with such slave wages.

To settle for less is to squander yourself. Don’t ever make that mistake.


2| All you get to do is ‘ghostwriting’

Let’s face it – when you write for content mills, you’re ghostwriting for others. And because you’re ghostwriting, you won’t be able to use the content you write as samples for future references.

You’ll probably need a permission for that. However, there still isn’t any guarantee you were the original writer.

I tossed away years just writing ghostwritten content for people. And it kills me that I’m not going to be able to put any of those articles I wrote in my portfolio.

Maybe this isn’t a big deal for you.

Maybe you just want to generate some quick cash (like I did).

But what if I told you ghost writers would normally charge much more for their content – way more than what you’re getting paid right now.

Ghostwriting in content mills isn’t something you’ll be proud of – isn’t going to build you a good online writing career either.

So why stay in a dead-end job that’s unsatisfying?

You know you deserve better.


3 | Topics are difficult to get on with

This probably sounds corny, but it’s true. 

Yes, you’ll be writing on topics you’ve never heard in your entire life. And I bet they won’t always be fun and interesting.

Plus, it takes a lot of research to pull it off all by yourself.

And you know what?

You can’t even bring yourself to put that first word in place on top of those looming deadlines.

There’s no question about creativity here. You’ve no choice but to save it for later.

It’s time you started questioning – do you really want this? Is it something you want to do for the rest of your life?

If ‘yes’ is your answer – then congratulations, you’ve just won an award for a ‘self-serving douchebag’ who sees instant gratification over anything else.

If you don’t like – or don’t know what you’re doing – just STOP it!

The secret is not to write about what you love best, but about what you, alone, love at all.


4 | Annoying Editors

You think you have a tough writing job? Well, you’ve not met the editors yet. 

This might not be the case with all the content farms, but this is definitely something you’d want to watch out for.

These editors, the biggest annoyance, will send you back your writings to make sure you’ve adhered to their strict style guidelines, keywords and instructions.

Say what?

Oh yeah, there are going to be times when your articles will bounce back for unbelievably minor infractions.

And you’ve no idea how many times that’s going to happen.

Too bad your article won’t even make it to the readers after rounds and rounds of editing.

What’s more – you won’t ever be paid for your time either.


5 | Wasted time

You wasting your time and effort to break in and bid those cheap gigs in content mills is just not worth it.

Content farms offer cheap writing jobs and they often batch orders – the only thing they’re good at.

Now think about how much time and effort you could’ve put forth to land a better job somewhere else.

Although it actually seems easier just to sign up for Upwork or Fiverr and grab whatever work you can get – you’re never attracting high-paying clients with this shit.


Because writers in such mills get sucked into this dream of earning a mere few bucks more without pushing themselves out of their comfort zone.

Try a little harder.

Nothing is impossible.

Be brave enough to send query letters to someone who can actually pay.

It might take more time and effort.

But do it anyway.



Start with a couple of guest posts on different blogs. There are websites that pay for your contribution too.

Or set up a badass website of your own and let your ideal clients come to you.

The internet is all yours. Get the heck out of it.

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