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What Does It Take to Know What You Really Want to Know?

That little voice inside your head.

Have you ever noticed it? I’m sure you have.

So are you in control of it, or is it in control of you? Ask yourself – not the voice – if you really want to know what I’m talking about.

Let’s do one thing. Think of a dream. Could be anything. Just think about it.

Something is definitely there, right? But is that something exactly where it is when we are dreaming?

Are you eating popcorn in the middle of a movie right now? Are you really falling off the sky? You think you’re there but you’re not.

It’s not a miracle – nor is it a holographic effect. But whatever it is, it’s not real. 

Some people want money, others sex. Some are desperate for glories while others just want tasty food.

Everyone’s got dreams. And everyone thinks they’ll be fulfilled once those dreams come true. But a rainbow by its very nature cannot give you something substantial.

This is beautiful. This is just perfectly beautiful. Only an adult mind fears this truth.

Have you ever seen children go desperate for days and months on end? I don’t think you have. There’s no such thing as craving for perfection in their lives and yet they’re so perfect, aren’t they?

They’re just playing! And it is the very play that is their happiness. Matter fact, they are their own happiness. 

No matter what you call it – the voice, the ego, the self, the whatsoever. It’s a syndrome where the tool you were supposed to use starts using you.

Let’s get back to the dream metaphor. Have you ever experienced anything other than yourself while dreaming? Say you have and I’ll book a table for both of us. Seriously!

Sometimes the timing is just great. You don’t have to do anything. That’s what happened with me. Not that I’m saying I had a thing to do with it. Well, it’s just that I’ve somehow been lucky.

Staggering glimpses, I’ve had at times for sure. And I must say, I’ve always been intrigued by the idea of dreams and consciousness even before I originally embarked on my spiritual path.

But all up until now.

No matter how absorbed I was – it was just some outta-the-box thoughts. But after all, they were just ‘the thoughts’ – and nothing else.

We’re so good at suspecting things and people. But have we ever paid a little more attention about who’s suspecting on what?

This is so surreal. Just by the thoughts of it.

The reality however is so true than we could ever imagine. And you know what! We think we know it. We’re so sure about it.

Do we know it?

To say something is ultimately real, ultimately unreal, true, untrue, permanent, impermanent and on and on is nothing but to get caught up in intellectual efforts to define and refine the indescribable and the unimaginable.

What the hell are we supposed to do then? I say we aspire to reveal and revel in this unknown.

Trust me, it doesn’t take a genius to be where you want to be.

We are our own secret and the secret knows itself.

The unknown knows everything – the body, the mind and the senses.

But the known cannot know the unknown any more than a piece of art can come to know its artist.

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